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  • onduced in〓 November 2017 〓successfully de■monstrated that 39G〓Hz mmWave c○an be used f
  • or the l●ong-distance transmi◆ssion in both statio■nary and mobilit●y scenarios even i

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of ●two companie◆s' mmWave techn●ologies to◆ provide range ○of 5G service●s which requi◆re wide area cove○rage.The t◆est system was mad●e up of one b●ase station on Yo◆kohama Media Tower t◆hat works on〓 the 39GHz band and● a UE on a t〓esting vehicle●.This trial boasted○ the innovati■ve materials ba◆sed compact fo○cal lens anten〓na with advanced ■beam forming ◆(maximum gain〓 of 31 dBi) techniq◆ue to concentrat○e the radio waves 〓in a certain dir●ection to enabl〓e long-distance tran○smission.T○he advanced bea◆m tracking tech○nique is employe●d to trackUE on 〓a testing 〓vehicle tr●avelling at sp■eeds of over 20○ km per hour. Th〓is is the ◆industry-first filed〓 trial to verify t〓he long-di〓stance mmWave tran〓smission for ◆mobility applicat〓ion in macro-●cell covera●ge scenari■os.The inve○nted mmWave beam pr〓ocessing algorit○hms are used to all〓ow the best beam■ selection●, fast beam tracki■ng, and fast beam sw■itching for the● best perfo

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rmance 〓for mobile t◆erminal. Moving● at about 25 km per ◆hour, the t○erminal user expe○rienced the high-s〓peed transmission○ and stabl●e throughpu●t.Huawei and Docomo 〓jointly wor●ked on the 5G i■nnovation 〓and successfully con◆ducted a series ◆of large-scale fiel◆d trials since ●December 2014. ■Currently, the deve●lopments of 5〓G have entere○d a new er〓a, with the ◆first version of ●3GPP 5G standard of 〓Release-15 e●xpected to b■e completed in■ 2018. The i■ndustry is th○us entering the 5G ◆pre-commer◆cial stage."Huawe■i will con○tinue to work on res○earch and developm●ent of mobile com◆munications ■technologies ○in cooperation ■with partn◆ers around th●e world to off〓er new serv●ices that

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